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Fashion Show - Côte d'azur, France

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

MY.O Swimwear was invited by Avenue Montaigne to join them for an exclusive Fashion Show in the French Riviera.

Cannes - Fashion Show

Avenue Montaigne is a student association of Skema Business School which aims to promote the world of fashion and luxury.

The keystone of the association, the "Start'In Mode", is a two-part fashion show joining a young designers contest and the presentation of the latest collections of their brand partners.

MY.O Swimwear was a partner during this Fashion Show.

This year, the Start in Mode took place on October 6th, at the « Centre Commercial CAP 3000 » in Nice!

For an afternoon, under the theme "between heaven and earth" a dozen creator and brand presented their collections including MY.O Swimwear.


Xoxo, MY.O Team

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