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3 ways to take care of your swimsuit

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Make your favorite swimsuit last longer

Remember one thing : Always hand wash your swimsuit !

The most important thing is to always rinse and wash your swimsuit when you go home. Never leave it out without cleaning it.

Our different advices for you :

1. Avoid Chlorine

Take care of your MY.O - avoid chlorine

We recommend you to avoid chlorine as much as possible but we also all know that this is really difficult as in almost every pool there is chlorine.

Our suggestion would be to rinse immediately your swimsuit when you come out of the pool. Take a quick shower to be sure to remove the chlorine.

And then enjoy the pleasure of the sun while lying on your long chair.

It's the same for sea salt when you go into the sea. Rinse directly your swimsuit!

2. Do not sit on rough places

Take care of your MY.O - avoid rough places

You may have never thought of it, but rough spots can ruin your bathing suit. It will rub up against the fabric and do irreparable damage. You do not want to harm your new luxurious swimsuit that you have just purchased.

Our advice is to always sit on a towel

3. Change your swimsuit

Take care of your MY.O - change it

Do not use the same swimsuit twice in a row. You must give a break to the fabric after cleaning it. This will allow it to return to its original state.

In addition, when you go in a hot tub avoid taking your favorite swimsuit because the very high heat and chlorine will always damage your swimsuit. A spare part will always be useful to you.

If you follow our advice, you can be sure that all your swimsuit will last forever !


Xoxo, MY.O Team

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