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Adopt the trends of this winter

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

We are just in love with the trends of this winter 2019-2020.

Discover everything you need to know to be the perfect trendy girl this year.

Among the new trends, there is something to please. We did a set of the "must-have" of the season just for you.

We have listed 9 of the most viewed trends during the fashion week.

Let's start with the 2 iconic prints of this winter.

The animal print :

The trend of animal motifs remains always a must. And if the leopard always meets its success, the other animals are not left behind. Zebra, snake, python ... animal prints are inviting on our mid-season blouses as on our winter coats.

Animal print fashion trend

The plaid print :

It's the star print of the season. Scottish, XXL version, colorful, black and white: it comes to infinity. Good news girls: the plaid print mixes with all styles, whether you're classy, casual, sportswear or bohemian.

Plaid print fashion trend

Find out about the 3 main trendy colors of this winter.

The Beige :

You saw it during the spring / summer fashion trends, the nude persists this autumn/winter. Pulling towards the camel, playing with the ecru, or more caramelized, this color with a thousand shades has the advantage of being able to be worn with everything. You are a rather streetwear, you will be delighted. Or resolutely chic, you will be sensational.

Beige fashion trend

The Pink fuchsia :

We love it !

This winter, color is at the forefront of the trend. the fuchsia rose is invited in our dress rank. Just a touch or the total look? Everything will be beautiful!

Fuchsia fashion trend

The Pastels :

The shades of pastel colors ... ideal to face winter with sweetness. Green water, sky blue, almond or powder pink.

Find your perfect color!

Pastel fashion trend

Green... it's all about green

As we are all aware, today the green attitude is in everything.

Your food, your way of living and even in your clothes.

The eco-friendly trend is every wear. It's not a trend anymore it's a state of mind.

Now we focus on the quality of fabrics, their provenance and the garment manufacturing process. From the organic cotton, to the "vegan" leather. We call it "sustainable fashion".

MY.O's swimsuit uses eco-friendly fabrics to create their beautiful piece

Let's talk about fabrics you must wear this winter.

Satin :

Satin, this silky fabric is an important part of our winter dressing room.

Wear with an oversized sweater and trendy sneakers or in total look.

We completely fall in love for it !

Satin fashion trend

Glittery, metallic, sequined materials :

This autumn/winter, we put magic in our daily lives We dare shine, it is not only reserved for holidays! For the shy ones, you can always let go on the accessories: a darling sequins, a bag embroidered with sequins, shoes that shine.

It's your choice!

Shiny fashion trend

Faux fur :

Say yes to an ethical fashion. Faux fur is a must to warm your looks. Colorful, printed, short or long, the declensions are not lacking audacity.

Your must-have for the season!

Faux fur fashion trend

Leather :

This winter, adopt the leather. Take basics .... the leather skirt or the perfecto. They are very easy to associate with an oversize sweater or high-waisted jeans. They, alone, are enough to make your look trendy. And we know, fashion is a game. So mix and match the leather with plaid print, do not hesitate! You can always use faux lather !

Leather fashion trend


Xoxo, MY.O Team

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