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The beginning of swimwear

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Let's discover together how it all began.

Swimwear in 1800

In 1800

Women of the 1800s were almost completely covered from head to toe with long dresses, while the men wore long-sleeved suits that stop at the calves.

To hide any suspicion of a chair, weights were sewn to the hems of women's dresses to keep ankle-high.

And as if that were not enough, the popular seaside resorts provided bath trailers.

You are probably wondering... What is it ?

It's a wooden boxes mounted on wheels used by women to move to the water, completely sheltered from prying eyes.

Women were changing in the trailer and drove to the sea as seen in this picture.

Swimwear in 1900

In 1900

It all started with Annette Kellerman ! She was an Australian swimmer, former world record, arrested for exhibitionism the day she revealed her bare legs in a one-piece swimsuit on a beach in the United States.

It took a while for the United States to accept this new style of swimsuit while Europe had already completely adopted it.

Swimwear in 1920

In 1920

Then things started to change quickly for women. The right to vote, short hair ... It was the beginning of emancipation, and we can also see that change in swimwear. Even if according to us today these still seem rather innocent, we can see this incredible contrast with the previous photo in just a few years!

We see the shoulders, a little cleavage, and the legs ...

Swimwear in 1932

In 1932

We start to reveal the body !

Jacques Heim, parisian designer, designs the first two-piece swimsuit, consisting of high-waisted panties that hide the

navel. But not very successful...

Summer 1946


The first bikini unveiled to the press during a fashion show at the Molitor swimming pool in Paris.

Its creator: Louis Réard !

Simple triangles, which strip your hips and buttocks, not to mention the chest!

Mini panties cut under the navel. In the absence of a model agreeing to wear it, the designer must call on the dancer of the Folies Bergères, Michèle Bernardini.

It was unheard of!

Swimwear in 1946

In 1949

The bikini is prohibited on the beaches of France, but also in Belgium, Spain and Italy. From 1960 until today

It was not until the early 1960s that the bikini really took off. Fashion and film icons will export it around the world.

Like Brigitte Bardot or still Ursula Andress in James Bond.

Swimwear in 1960
Swimwear in 1960

To date, the bikini is the best-selling swimsuit in the world. It remains synonymous with seduction and sex appeal.

MY.O Swimwear is part of a new area. The multifunctional swimsuit.

A chic, classy and sophisticated swimwear with a unique concept. Interchangeable strings that allow you to change the style of the swimsuit indefinitely !

What's better than that ?

MY.O Swimwear in 2020


Xoxo, MY.O Team

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