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When MY.O became a reality

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

It's in Tel Aviv that took place the very first shooting of the brand.

A transparent and blue sea, a clear beach, a sunny warm day ... enough to create the perfect day ever !

We would love to thank all the Team who made this day an amazing one.

Yarin and Emanuel, our two gorgeous models, embellished the swimsuits and wore them beautifully.

Beautiful smiles, kidness and funny babes ... this is all you need to know to understand how great was this shooting day.

Idan Chekroun, an amazing photographer and videographer who made it all possible.

And a great team on stage who is clearly now part of the MY.O Family.

Just the perfect and ideal May 3d to make it an unforgettable day !


Xoxo, MY.O Team

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