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5 exercices easy to do anywhere

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Keep a healthy lifestyle

First of all, the most important thing is to drink enough every day ... 1,5 L / day !

1. Abs The best ones are the sit-ups, the crunches, the board and the pelvis lifts. Our tip: make a list of songs that motivates you the most to do your exercises.

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2. Lunges

You can do it all around the house with walking lunges.

The best way to do it :

- When you sink down into your lunge, make sure to keep your front knee stacked over your front ankle

- Make a wide stance so when you sink down, you’re creating 90-degree angles with both legs.

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3. Stretching

Stretching your back and legs is very important. Our ideas for you:

- Standing, go to touch your toes without bending knees or bending slightly

- Standing, catching a foot and bring it to your buttock

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4. Arm workout

We have a very special exercice for you.

For it you will need a chair, a bench or even some stairs. Follow the image to do the exercice. This will strengthen your arms and give them a good shape.

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5. Walking

Our ideas for you:

- Avoid taking the car / public transport, do as much as possible on foot

- Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator

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A little something more to make you happier :

If you have a swimming pool nearby, swimming is an excellent exercise for the body.

The breaststroke and the freestyle will lengthen you. Do not try to make a butterfly because it will increase your shoulders very strongly.

Fit exercices

BONUS : meditation

Stretching for the mind start with a 5 to 10 minutes each day then you will do more.

Sit on the ground in a place that relaxes you and does not remind you of a stressful environment.

Help yourself with videos on youtube if it's the first time you're doing meditation

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Xoxo, MY.O Team

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